Traveling Across Many Lands with the Library Resources

The ECPI University Libraries now offer three (3) World Trade Press “AtoZ” sources for business, for travel guides, cultural information and recipes. Teams of global researchers keep these large-scale reference works up-to-date for commercial enterprises, governmental agencies, NGOs and academic institutions.

Find out more at the  ECPI Online Library.

AtoZ World Business provides specific, up-to-date import/export, taxation, compliance and business culture information for the world’s top 100 economies.

AtoZ Global Road Warrior details cultural information about every country on Earth. Colorfully illustrated pages showcase each country’s language, history, education, and culture as a whole.

AtoZ World Food provides a world map selection tool to search by country for authentic recipes and also find detailed information on etiquette and customs. Did you know the most popular appetizers in the United States are buffalo wings, shrimp cocktail and guacamole?

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