As the ECPI RAMS enter the Spring ’22 season, and our fourth year of collegiate esports competition, it’s hard not to look back at all the amazing players, matches and streams the ECPI University RAMS have produced. Here are some quick stats on the program to date and since 2018 inception:

  • Over 300 ECPI University students have participated in the esports program
  • 119 collegiate esports matches
  • 61 wins, which is a 54.62% positive win rate
  • Made playoffs in every game played  
  • Over 860 members on our Discord community (comprised of students, alumni, and friends and family of ECPI Rams players)
  • Over 390 streamed hours on our Twitch.tv channel of ECPI RAMS matches
  • Over 13,253 views on our Twitch.tv channel

This year promises to be exciting as well. Coach James had one of the busiest weeks of tryouts, ever. Students from all over ECPI University signed up to try out for a number of games and premier titles that will be competing in this spring, summer and fall. And now that the ECPI Rams have a winning legacy to live up to, the new players will have their work cut out for them. With Coach James at the helm, our brightest days are still ahead of us. #GORAMS      

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for weekly email updates during season on who we play next, last week’s match results, and where you can watch the RAMS play every match!

Collegiate eSports
Scene Update

For those that do not know already, NACE (the National Association of Collegiate Esports) has partnered with CSL (the Collegiate Star League) to form the largest collegiate esports organization in the space. In doing so, opportunities are opening up for NACE schools (like ECPI University), to have lower skilled teams in the OPEN and Challenger Divisions. This is excellent news for the Rams; we may use the lower divisions for new players and games added after tryouts.  

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