In Her Own Words: Maria Sonia Monastiriotis

“My name is Maria Sonia Monastiriotis and I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Sciences here at ECPI University.

Deciding to enroll in this program has been a decision I am most proud of! This accomplishment completed my long list of goals I aimed to achieve before starting a family. Of course, simply graduating was not enough of a challenge for me, therefore, I added even more effort and passion each day to fulfill my dream of graduating with honors. Being a full-time vascular interventional radiologic technologist, student, taking call for fifteen or more days a month, and keeping up with family activities/events has been quite the handful. My dedication to ensure the best quality of care and highest level of safety for all my patients contributes to my desire to grow and develop as an exceptional medical professional.   

Just as life will continue to surprise us and test our strength, the last year has thrown unexpected obstacles in my path, but giving up was not an option. A few months into this program, I was hospitalized, underwent surgery, had complications, and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Beginning my treatment for this new disease not only changed my lifestyle but affected my mental health as well. For a while, each day began and ended with what felt like never-ending defeat. The factors that kept me focused on continuing to accomplish my educational and professional goals were the support of my family and friends, accommodations from management and teachers, and the self-determination to not let this disease take over my life. The love I have for my career, the motivation I have to succeed and the determination I had to graduate and advance as a technologist, truly keep me in line with what matters most.    

As the courses here at ECPI advanced with each semester, I was able to learn and apply new knowledge and techniques to interactions within the workplace. Much of what I have gathered in these courses has contributed to my fearless approach to volunteering for leadership roles or taking on more responsibility. Initially, I did not enter this program with the mindset of becoming a radiology supervisor in the future as I lacked confidence in my ability to be a valued leader. ECPI’s radiology program and its supportive staff members have encouraged me to put faith in my ability to pursue a supervisor position down the line. The study materials, group discussions/projects, essays, and feedback have collectively transformed my professional development to levels I never thought I’d reach. Now here I am, at the end of this incredible academic journey, confident in my abilities to be an exceptional departmental lead, and a more knowledgeable technologist. Proud to say that I have fulfilled both of my educational goals, none of which would be possible without the support and words of wisdom from my mother. In addition, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all here at ECPI for believing in me and for molding my curious mind.”

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