Graduation Words of Wisdom at ECPI University Celebrations

Graduation Words of Wisdom at ECPI University Celebrations
Graduation Words of Wisdom at ECPI University Celebrations

“Each of you have it within yourselves to have a dramatic effect on our world. Each of you can chart a course and not only change your history, but you can change ours. We need you and we’re counting on you.”

~Jeffrey D. Wassmer, Chairman & CEO – Spectrum

  Newport News Commencement Speaker

“Class, we created a bond, a friendship, and believe it or not, we’re family. Don’t forget these people you made these bonds with.”

~Jason R. James, Newport News Student Speaker

“I believe in not only second chances, but third, fourth, fifth, six chances, whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes.

~Heavenly L. Sullivan, Newport News Health Science Student Speaker

“Graduation is one of the greatest achievements in someone’s life, and while it closes one chapter in our lives, it immediately opens another, a new chapter filled with new challenges, new opportunities, and new goals.”

~Carlos Maldanodo, Virginia Beach Student Speaker

“What I have learned is that the harder you work and focus, the luckier you get. Create a goal and stick to your plan and don’t get impatient with where you are and where you’re going. Enjoy the journey and you will get your chance. Never lose your passion or your dreams.”

~Mark Dreyfus, ECPI University President

“Be good to your colleagues. Every single one of you come from a different background, but each one will be an integral part of your future organization and community, Respect each individual and together you will make a stronger team. Collectively, that makes us a stronger nation.”

~Congresswoman Elaine Luria, Virginia Beach Commencement Speaker

“I grew up primarily in the Jackson Ward area. For those of you all who don’t know…the projects. So, me standing before you today as valedictorian is proof that no matter what circumstances occurred in the past, it does not devalue your potential, nor does it dictate where you will end up in life.”

~Dominique Herbert, Richmond-Emerywood Campus Speaker

“Become fanatical. Tell yourself that you have a dream and relentlessly struggle towards it. The quality of life is not defined by moments filled with safety, but by those filled with risk.”

~Bennie Ramirez, Richmond-Moorefield Campus Speaker

“You’re going to be known for something, so you should think long and hard about what you want that to be. Don’t let someone else shape that for you. You want to shape it for yourself.”

~Marc Mentry, Chief Brandt Officer – Capital One Financial Corp.

  Richmond Commencement Speaker

“Don’t forget the simple pleasures in life. For me, it’s sharing a meal or a bottle of wine with friends, the enjoyment of being with family and friends, especially. To share…this is true happiness.”

~Rachel Crist, Culinary Institute of Virginia Student Speaker

“Start looking at life as how you want it to become, not for what it is.”

~Chef Bryan Jacobs, Culinary Institute of Virginia Commencement Speaker

“Going forward, I know we can’t make a difference to everyone, and it’s doubtful any one of us will change the world forever, but if I may share my favorite quote, Mother Teresa once said, ‘I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’

Congratulations, fellow graduates. Let’s go make some ripples!”

~ Kendal Seymore, Greenville Student Speaker

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