Columbia Staff in the Right Place at the Right Time

In January, ECPI University Columbia Medical Assisting Program Director, Rosalind George, and Campus Director of Academic Affairs, Mike Zakkary, were performing a site visit at Lexington Oncology, an externship site for ECPI University medical assistant students. On the day of the visit, an oncology patient had a medical episode when passing by Rosalind and Mike. They immediately responded to the situation before injury resulted from a fall.

Franklin Brown, Lexington Oncology’s laboratory supervisor, wrote Rosalind an email later that day, thanking them for their efforts.

“I wanted to take a second to thank you for your assistance with our patient in need; devotion to a profession is sometime said but not performed. I am proud to share positive healthcare moments with an exemplary professional,” said Franklin.

Longtime ECPI University Columbia Campus President Jim Rund enjoys being the bearer of good news. “Franklin has always been very impressed with our university and boasts about our students regularly. But this story is a little different,” said Rund. “We may not be remembered by who we are or what we say, but we will be remembered by what we do. I’m so proud to have Rosalind and Mike representing the heart of our school.”

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