ECPI University Brings Real-World Experience Into the Classroom

ECPI University Brings Real-World Experience Into the Classroom

What ECPI University Faculty Bring to the Classroom

Since it was founded in 1966, hands-on learning has been a defining aspect of ECPI University. While there is nothing wrong with theory, educators at ECPI have long understood that employers prefer to hire recent college graduates who can apply what they’ve learned.

While this seems like a common sense approach, it takes faculty members with uncommon levels of experience to facilitate this kind of learning environment. To help students apply what they are learning in a meaningful way, curriculum must be aligned with real-world situations. That’s why ECPI University has always sought to hire faculty with years of professional workplace experience.

“If you’ve actually done what you’re talking about, you can hold a student’s attention,” says ECPI University Greensboro Campus EET Director Dr. Ronnie Bolick. “Real world application makes knowledge both understandable and relevant.”

The result: graduates who enter the real world with a greater degree of confidence. “I felt like I knew what to expect once I was on the job,” says Network Security graduate Travis McCormack. “Without a doubt, what I learned at ECPI University helped ease the transition from school to the workplace.”

So, who are these educators who left highly-successful careers to teach? For starters, they are people who feel a higher calling, who believe knowledge is meant to be shared. Here are just some of the faculty members who bring their talent and passion to work each and every day.