Internet of Things Creating Job Demand, Says ECPI University President

ECPI University Brings Real-World Experience Into the Classroom

At an event recently held in London, a cybersecurity executive told attendees about an unnamed casino that had been hacked through an internet-connected thermometer in its lobby aquarium. While this is certainly one of the more creative hacks, it’s not surprising.

The Internet of Things is now part of our daily life. Refrigerators, thermostats, security systems, door locks, and lights – you name it – all can be controlled from an app on your phone or computer.  Each connected device provides a potential opportunity for hackers. And with all the controversy currently surrounding Facebook, we are learning how our privacy can be compromised. Bottom line: if we are not careful, we make ourselves vulnerable.

[Tweet “Many of the nation’s top employers look to ECPI University to supply job-ready talent.”]

Which brings us to ECPI University. Each year, we graduate students with cyber and network security degrees who are very much in demand. Many of the nation’s top employers look to ECPI University to supply job-ready talent. They know our students have been educated by faculty members who bring real-world experience to the classroom. Emphasizing applications-based learning is one of ECPI University’s distinguishing characteristics.

What we do here at ECPI University makes a difference. It makes a difference in the lives of our graduates, and in an increasingly dangerous world, it makes a difference to the people they serve.


Mark Dreyfus