Nursing Director, ADN Program in Newport News: Kendal Bailey

Nursing Director, ADN Program in Newport News: Kendal Bailey

Director of Nursing (ADN), Newport News Campus

Kendal came to ECPI University in 2015. In less than three short years, she has gone from faculty member to assistant director of nursing to director. It seems wherever she goes, Kendal quickly develops a reputation as a high performer. At Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, she was named NICU Nurse of the Year. Then after moving to Charleston, South Carolina, she was twice named NICU Nurse of the Quarter at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Working in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), she has delivered care to extremely preterm or critically ill newborns in a level-3 nursery. She also served as a preceptor to BSN and ADN students, as well as new graduate nurses. And as a night charge nurse, she was responsible for staffing, unit workflow, and emergent events.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

“Teaching allows me to make a true impact in healthcare. Working with students to achieve the highest levels of professionalism, patient-centered care, and ethical practice gives me the highest sense of accomplishment. Students are excited, inquisitive, and ready to witness all that healthcare has to offer. Knowing that I can help develop students who will positively impact the healthcare needs of not only individuals but communities at large makes teaching not just a career but a true aspect of my identity.”

Please share an experience you had as a teacher that was especially memorable.

“The first time I helped a student successfully insert an IV…the sheer excitement and fear that washed over the student when I asked her if she wanted to attempt that skill will always stick with me. I could ask a nurse a million times over to place an IV and I will never get the reaction I get from a student. The confidence gained by the student was one of the best feelings I could have as an instructor.”