ECPI University President Shares an Important Message

University President Speaks to Military Focus at ECPI University

Focus, an important quality for ECPI University students, says University President

Former South African President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela once said, “”Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” Yes, life will knock us down from time to time, but it’s our response that defines us. By persevering, we build strength and character.

I see the power of perseverance on display every day at ECPI University. Here, we attract a certain kind of student. They are people of varied backgrounds that share a couple of key common traits.

First, they are focused. They are not coming to college to explore their options. They know exactly the career path they wish to pursue and do not want to waste time. Many have families and work full-time, yet they attend school year-round, knowing that determination and sacrifice will pay off later.

In this special graduation edition of eConnect, you’ll meet some of these people, graduates just beginning their careers and alumni who are now fulfilling their dreams. I am proud to count them all as members of our ECPI University family.


Mark Dreyfus