ECPI University Library Has New Resources for Military Students

ECPI University Library Has New Resources for Military StudentsStudent Veterans of America Chapter President Shane Bernard, Executive Director of Military Education Bob Larned, and Library Director Rebecca Tabakin.

During Military appreciation month, the library added some new books, offering “how-to” guidance for making the transition from military to civilian jobs. Executive Director of Military Education Bob Larned is a big supporter of libraries and says veterans can enhance their educational experience by taking advantage of these new publications, which include:

Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A road map to success for veterans by Michael Bluemling, Jr., an ECPI University graduate (Class of 2012). Excerpt:

“People will help you in the transitioning phase from the military into civilian life if you take the initiative to go beyond the casual everyday interactions of life. You must establish a level of sincerity that projects your true intentions the majority of the time.”

Operation Job Search: A guide for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers by John Henry Weiss. Excerpt:

“Even though many veterans are married to the various social media sites and use them throughout the day, social media is not the universal answer to finding a job. Using social media creatively as a tool in your plan for securing employment places it in the proper perspective.”

Your Next Mission: A personal branding guide for the military-to-civilian transition by Lida Citroen. Excerpt:

“While you are considering your marketing identity, also ask yourself, “Will this look have a shelf life? Will it have longevity?” If you tap into popular trends for your brand identity, you may run the risk of having to redo your branding in six months or two years. That can be confusing for your audience and expensive for you.  Consider something that you can live with for a while and you’ll be proud to hand out as a reflection of you.”