Focus on ECPI University Faculty Member: Kimberly Little

Focus on ECPI University Faculty Member: Kimberly Little

Name: Kimberly Little

Title/Department/Campus: Dental Assisting Faculty/Virginia Beach Campus

Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Naval School of Health Science Expanded Function Dental Assistant School

Joined ECPI University: December 17, 2015

What did you do prior to ECPI University?  Served in the United States Navy for twenty years as the Leading Petty Officer of the Dental Department

Most Rewarding Professional Experience: Observing students who may have encountered some type of adversity in the beginning of the course and then to see them graduate is very rewarding.  It’s a testament to their growth and the ability to finish what they’ve started; life skills that are invaluable.  This only fortifies and crystalizes my beliefs that ALL students are reachable and teachable. 

Most Rewarding Personal Experience: As a person who came from what was considered by others “the worst” part of Philadelphia and to have earned success along the way, is a testament to my family upbringing, the ability to work hard and focus on my future. I’m grateful for my family to have been able to share in my successes and milestones while serving my country.

Greatest Accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment has been to serve my country for 20 years in the United States Navy while providing help to people in despair all over the world!

Favorite Book:  What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who don’t floss and people who use their teeth to open things

Hobbies: Running, Dancing, Reading, Shopping and Yoga

Favorite Food: Grapefruit, Chicken, and Kettle Chips

My Most Treasured Possession: An apron from my late Grandmother

A Talent I Wish I Had: I’ve always been exposed to music and participated in choirs.  However, it’s always been a wish to be able to sing beautifully and to minister to people through my singing voice. 

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