Greenville Mechatronics Student Receives United Way Scholarship for Women

Jessica Anthony, mechatronics student

ECPI University student Jessica Anthony is the proud recipient of an $8,000 scholarship from the United Way. The scholarship has been established to provide deserving, qualified women the opportunity to train for better career opportunities that can increase their income and quality of life. To qualify, applicants must be mature women/non-traditional students who have demonstrated a commitment to education and have a clear career path in mind.

Jessica is currently studying mechatronics/advanced manufacturing and maintains a 3.95 GPA.

“I really enjoy working with my hands and fixing things,” says Anthony. “I am currently the only female student in my program, and I intend on showing the guys that I can be just as great as them in this field!”

Upon graduation, she wants to become a maintenance technician at BMW and later, begin working on a master’s degree.

A single mother with two children, Jessica also participates in ECPI University’s work-study partnership program with the Greenville Literacy Association where she tutors GED and ESL (English as a Second Language) students. “It is the most rewarding job I have ever had,” she says. “I absolutely love the students and how I can help them. ECPI University has been such a good choice for me. I’m working toward a career with a future and the support I have been getting along the way has been simply fantastic!”

“I am thrilled that ECPI University was able to identify a student who not only fulfills the requirements, but the spirit of this scholarship,” says ECPI University Greenville Campus President Karen Burgess. “We look forward to working with the United Way in the future to identify additional candidates for this wonderful program.”