EET Grad Experienced Online Education around the World

Joe Cayse

I enrolled at ECPI University in 2012 while serving in the Marines as an embassy security guard in Canberra, Australia. I knew my assignment would allow for plenty of time to study, so I searched for a reputable program in electronics to finish my bachelor’s degree. When I found ECPI University, I saw that the Electronics Engineering Technology program was exactly what I was looking for. So, I decided to take the leap and use my Tuition Assistance to get started. The enrollment process was a breeze, and I transferred a great deal of credits from a previous school and from my military training in electronics maintenance.

Though I only took one class at a time, I was still able to progress my way through the program at a great pace. ECPI University Online allowed me to study around my ever-changing watch schedule, even with the major differences in time zones. I took school with me everywhere I went: Australia, Latvia, China, Turkey, Thailand, you name it. I distinctly remember doing homework once in a café while on vacation in Florence, Italy. I even finished my capstone project while overseas in June of this year.

It’s not just the convenience factor that makes ECPI University great. Once I graduated, the Career Services Department helped me hit the ground running. Rae Sewell was in constant contact with me, giving assistance in perfecting my résumé, sending me new leads, contacting employers, and helping me prepare for interviews.

It was a great feeling knowing I had the full support of my school to jump-start my career! The education I got was fantastic, and it translates directly into my new job as a production test technician at Sanmina SCI Technology where I use circuit analysis, troubleshooting methods, and engineering principles on a daily basis to ensure our newly manufactured electronics are ready for operation in the field.

I am incredibly happy that I chose ECPI University. I got to study what really interests me at anytime, anywhere in the world, and I received a great education that has given me the skills and confidence to be competitive in the engineering and technology industry.