Charleston Network Security Graduate Joins Advisory Board, Hosts Externs

Jerry Thorsell

Jerry Thorsell

It’s an old but wise expression: You can’t really understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, ECPI University Advisory Board member and Externship Site Supervisor Jerry Thorsell has a unique perspective, and well-worn shoes.

Jerry, like many former students, enrolled at ECPI University with little IT experience. He quickly obtained his Associate’s and then Bachelor’s degrees in Network Security along with an alphabet soup of IT certifications. With assistance from his Career Service Advisor, Jerry quickly secured employment as a Network Technician for a managed services IT firm. The employer immediately saw value in additional certifications, especially VMware, and paid for him to get the Cloud Computing concentration for his CIS degree as well.

The story has now come full circle. Jerry was able to leverage his experience, extensive certifications, and personal brand to become a Senior Network Administrator in the manufacturing industry. In his new role, Jerry has accepted his first ECPI University extern who is learning all the ins and outs of building a physical network.

Moreover, as a new member on the campus’ Program Advisory Board, he is offering valuable insights into the nature of the day-to-day challenges and skills needed to be successful in the competitive world of network administration. Always a loyal alumnus, he’s also secured countless equipment donations, including Cisco routers and switches, and has leveraged his contacts to create real-world learning excursions for current students.

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