Partner Spotlight: NHC HealthCare Charleston

NHC HealthCare provides skilled nursing homes, rehabilitation services, behavioral medicine, in-home health services and assisted, memory care and independent living communities across eight states throughout the eastern U.S.:  AL, FL, SC, TN, VA, MA, NH, & MO. The company recently celebrated its 50th year in business.

NHC HealthCare Charleston signed on as Enterprise Partner in February 2020, just before the pandemic hit. “Our Enterprise Partnership with NHC locations allows their employees and their dependents significant savings in any ECPI University program,” says Kristie Cumbee, University Director of Workforce Development. “Despite the pandemic, NHC has engaged the University in nearly every way possible.“

This partnership has been a symbiotic and beneficial relationship for students, alumni and the university. “Besides accepting LPN and RN students for clinical rotations, and hiring LPN and RN graduates, NHC provides flexible in-school jobs for our active students,” says Kristie. “The company has also joined our Nursing Advisory Board and is even available as a guest lecturer for active students.”

“ECPI University has been a great partner for the past couple of years. Many of our current employees have gone back to school and taken advantage of the benefits our partnership provides. ECPI nurse graduates are always dedicated and compassionate nurses, and I look forward to continuing to grow this rewarding partnership with ECPI.”

Tyler Bartlett, Administrator NHC Healthcare, Charleston

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