Message from the President

“When it rains, look for rainbows; when it’s dark, look for stars.”

— Oscar Wilde

The COVID-19 pandemic has been testing our resilience for almost a year. As we continue to adapt to the final chapters of this saga, we are proud of the persistence of our students, graduates, faculty, and staff. Applying technology, innovative approaches, hands-on labs and new learning paradigms have been able to keep our students on track for graduation.

Obviously, this is important to the communities we serve. The majority of our programs have graduates who go on to serve on the pandemic’s front lines. They work in healthcare, cybersecurity, manufacturing, law enforcement, and food service. Without them, our economy and the ability for families to endure the pandemic would be much worse.  

In this edition of eConnect, we will introduce you to some of the students and graduates who are doing essential work to sustain our communities until we can return to somewhat normal times. We are honored to play our part in serving our communities and our nation, and we are proud of the graduates who are bravely performing such important work.


Mark Dreyfus

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