EPP Student Spotlight: Sydney Rice-Siegrist

Employer: Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Motivation to Earn Degree:

Before enrolling in ECPI University, I did not know what my future looked like. I got a job working at the front desk at Hand and Stone, and at the time I was not thinking it would end up being my career. After a short time getting to know the business and observing my incredible manager, I knew that my new passion and career choice had to be management.

Career Objective:

I did not care what I had to do; I was determined to be a Spa Manager. I knew my first step had to be re-enrolling in an undergraduate program so I could finish my degree. I was delighted to find out about ECPI University and its partnership with my employer.  

Why ECPI University?

During my time at ECPI University, I have been able to advance my career significantly while also continuing my education. I am proud to say that in August 2019, after many promotions and career advancements, I finally met my goal of being a spa manager. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, that dream was cut short. However, I just received an incredible position that I could not have dreamt or imagined I would have ever received.

I am proud to say that I am now the Regional Operations Manager at Hand & Stone’s franchise headquarters. I support 29 locations in five states and I absolutely love my job! The partnership between ECPI University and Hand & Stone has changed my life in so many positive ways, especially by helping me save money on my tuition and my favorite part is that I have had the flexibility to continue growing my career while also earning my degree.

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