Hands-On Learning at ECPI University

Richmond/Moorefield Campus – Electronics Engineering students work on NEMA enclosures and wiring Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). These boxes are seen at most any intersection and serve as the “brains” for automated traffic light systems.

Richmond/Moorefield Campus – Criminal Justice students visited the Henrico County Forensics Laboratory where Forensic Detective Kenneth Hill guided them through some hands-on learning in a professional laboratory setting.

Newport News Campus – Dr. Karl Michel has integrated Artificial Intelligence into CJ230, Introduction to Terrorism. Using Google AIY kits, he provides students with an opportunity to integrate the current law enforcement practice of using facial recognition into classroom skill-building activities.

Virginia Beach Campus – Criminal Justice students document and analyze evidence at a staged crime scene.

Charlotte Campus – Medical Assisting students toured Davita Dialysis, learning how the dialysis systems work and how to insert 18 gauges into the fistula with double ports for connections into the artery and veins.

Charlotte Campus – Electronics Engineering students build Bluetooth-controlled cars which involved printing the parts and programming chips, as well as wiring and soldering control boards.

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