Computer and Information Science Program Director: Scott Gibson

Computer and Information Science Program Director: Scott Gibson

Name: Scott A. Gibson

Title/Department/Campus: Virginia Beach Campus – CIS Department – Program Director

Education: Master’s Degree in Information Science – Completing D.Sc in Cyber Defense

Joined ECPI University: 2013

What did you do prior to ECPI University?  Systems administrator for the Naval Recruiting District of Pittsburgh

Most Rewarding Professional Experience: Teaching – watching the students go from beginners to graduates and getting jobs that change their lives. We receive emails from our students that say their new job is life changing, and that makes it all worth it. I’ve seen students quadruple their pay overnight, going from minimum wage to $28+ an hour. When we as instructors make such impacts in students’ lives on a daily basis, it makes everything we do well worth every minute of it.

Most Rewarding Personal Experience: My family – watching my kids graduate from high school, getting their first cars, first jobs; seeing them accomplishing new goals, be it social things or school or job related. Outside of my job, everything in my life starts and ends with my family.

Greatest Accomplishment: Completing my MSIS degree and following that up with my current job as a faculty member while working toward completing my Cyber Defense D.Sc degree

Favorite Book:  Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles – all of them

Biggest Pet Peeve: Procrastination and lack of ambition which work hand-in-hand. When you see someone with all the potential in the world, and they lack ambition, they tend to procrastinate in everything they do. That’s just a shame, because you know their potential could lead them to really good things.

Hobbies: Fishing and traveling

Favorite Food: Spicy foods, popcorn, and ice cream

My Most Treasured Possession: My Family – the rest can be replaced

A Talent I Wish I Had: The ability to convince Punxsutawney Phil to stop extending our winters six extra weeks every year!

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