University President Speaks to Military Focus at ECPI University

Military Times Honor Celebrates Hard Work of ECPI University

ECPI University veteran and military students are used to exhibiting courage in their careers and lives. When service members trade in their uniform for civilian clothes, the transition is not easy. They enter a whole new world much different from where they came. Those who choose higher education to facilitate that transition deserve nothing but the best. They deserve faculty and support staff who understand their needs, and advisors who can guide them successfully to graduation and into a civilian career. At ECPI University, we’ve been doing that for more than half a century.

In this edition of eConnect, we celebrate seven straight years on Military Times’ list of best colleges; this year as #2 in the nation. Serving our veterans is a privilege we consider sacred. Their leadership on campus is keenly felt and their mere presence makes us all better.



Mark Dreyfus

ECPI University President

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