ECPI University Introduces Student Leadership Association

Student Leadership Association, ECPI

Strong student leaders become strong professional leaders. At ECPI University, leadership has always been an important element of the student experience. Now, however, it is being codified in an effort to create even greater opportunities for student leadership.

ECPI University’s new Student Leadership Association (SLA) is a dynamic new initiative to establish a standard for student leadership for all students to aspire. Each campus president selects a group of volunteers whose mission is to enhance the interaction among students and the community, and to serve as model representatives of the University’s student body to the general public.

“SLA members are role models and mentors,” says Columbia Campus President Jim Rund. “They are people of great integrity who encourage teamwork and exercise servant leadership within the community. They encourage other students to join clubs and aspire to earn entrance into the honor society.”

Moreover, SLA members:

  • Work side-by-side with staff and faculty at Career Discovery Day
  • Participate in graduation and induction ceremonies
  • Participate in program advisory boards
  • Serve as “go-to students” when guests tour campus
  • Encourage other students to get involved in campus activities
  • Take the lead in fund raising activities for community outreach

At least one student leader typically represents each major, and the number in each program area generally reflects the student population on campus. To qualify, students must complete at least three terms, maintain a 3.0 GPA or greater, and attend at least 90 percent of their classes. Interested students should complete and submit an application and recommendation form to the campus president along with an essay explaining why they should be selected as an SLA member.

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