Greensboro Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Student Saves a Life

Lushell Floyd

lushell floydMany students say they want to go into healthcare to save lives. Very few get the opportunity before they leave school. Greensboro nursing student Lushell Floyd is one of those few.

Recently, Lushell was passing through a parking lot and noticed a young woman on the phone and a gentleman on the ground who appeared to be unresponsive. She quickly turned towards the couple in need, began gathering information, and performed a quick assessment to confirm she needed to begin CPR. From there, she managed to provide care until emergency services arrived.

Once the scene was secure, emergency personnel asked if she was a nurse because she was in her scrubs. Lushell told them that she was in nursing school and just reacted to the emergency based on the training she had received. She was commended for her quick thinking and ability to react in such a professional manner.

“I felt like in that moment God placed me there to save his life,” says Lushell. “I know everything happens for a reason and I am just glad that I was there to help him that day. The faculty at ECPI University does an exceptional job and I am thankful for their teaching and helping me prepare for that moment.”


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