WellConnect Helps ECPI University Students Deal with Life’s Challenges 24/7

WellConnect ECPI University

ECPI University students are often described as non-traditional. They have families, jobs, and ECPI’s flexible scheduling means they can fit school into their schedule. Yet, that also means that they may need resources at all times of the day or night.

That’s why the University has instituted a program to give them access to support services 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s called WellConnect by Student Resource Services, and it provides a myriad of resources, including:

Telephonic Counseling – A professional will discuss whatever is on their mind, available around-the-clock to listen and help find solutions.

Housing – Worried about rent money? Received an eviction notice? Roommate troubles? They can help find housing options or make referrals to agencies that focus on housing assistance.

Childcare – They can assist in locating information on childcare options and subsidized childcare agencies.

Financial – Having trouble making ends meet? They can provide referrals to agencies that might be able to assist with rent, utilities, and food. There are also agencies that can provide assistance with credit card issues and budgeting.

Legal Assistance – Child custody, divorce, will writing, domestic violence, or other legal issues…they can provide a free legal consultation over the phone with an attorney and, when needed, a referral to a local attorney at a reduced rate.

Transportation – Having trouble getting to school? They will assist in locating public transportation, rideshare programs, or other assistance.

Health Care – Struggling with health issues and looking for a clinic? They can help locate medical and dental services on a sliding fee scale. They can also help find a program that may offer prescriptions at a reduced rate.

Simply by calling 866-640-4777 or visiting www.wellconnectbysrs.com, students can access any of these services. Please note, the program provides information and referrals only, and is not a source for students to access funds directly.

So far, the response from students has been very good:

My counselor has helped me to understand that it is alright to talk about your fears and by doing so will help to clear your mind in order to enhance your ability to cope with life school and work.

I could never have gotten through these last months without the help of this program.

I was having problems juggling school, work and my relationships…I called WellConnect with my concerns, and they were able to put everything into perspective. Now, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I contact them for help.

I called WellConnect because a relationship issue had me so distraught that I could not focus on school. After speaking with a counselor, I learned coping skills that keep me on track.

One particular student called WellConnect seeking affordable daycare for her son. The counselor reviewed her needs and followed up with a variety of options. One of the options provided turned out to be an ideal fit. The student’s child now has daycare two days a week and she is very grateful to the counselor for helping her solve a big problem and eliminating a lot of stress while she’s in school.

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  1. There is an issue with setting up an account online. The enrollment verification doesn’t recognize ECPI University School Code 010198.

    • Hi Ben!
      Thank you for letting us know. You have the correct school code, but it looks like WellConnect changed its school lookup system. Instead of entering our school code (as it requests!), enter ECPI University and you’ll see a list pop up where you can select a campus. Please let us know if you have any issues.

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