Richmond/Moorefield’s NVIDIA Workshops

In 2022, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) ambassador, Paul Nussbaum Ph.D. (EET Faculty), hosted two instructor-led, in-person workshops on Deep Learning for community partners along with ECPI University students and faculty at the Moorefield campus. The NVIDIA DLI workshops offer hands-on training for students and educators looking to solve challenging problems with deep learning, Python programming and AI. Participants earned an NVIDIA DLI certificate after completing the workshop.

Based on the success of the in-seat sessions, Dr. Paul Nussbaum’s popular NVIDIA workshop was offered remotely in August – allowing 60 students and educators from across ECPI University to participate. By attending the one-day online workshop, participants were able to create, train, and test several different AI solutions and earn a numbered traceable certificate in Artificial Intelligence from NVIDIA – all in one day.

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