Manassas Campus Hosts B2B Weekend Experience

In August, ECPI University’s Manassas campus hosted a B2B Weekend Experience for those enrolled in the Bachelor-to-Bachelor’s program at ECPI University. Nearly 20 students were in attendance for the weekend, which the Manassas campus hosts three times a year.

At the B2B Weekend, beginning students learned how to take a PC apart, put it back together and build a cable. They also learned how to design and implement an enterprise network in the campus’ cyber lab. Intermediate students did several projects with Linux and Raspberry PIs.

Advanced students presented their capstone projects to their peers and faculty, and participated in a red team/blue team competition. The blue team was comprised of the advanced students, and the red team were alumni. ECPI University alumni enjoy coming back three times a year to challenge the latest cohort that are about ready to graduate!

“The goal of the Bachelor-to-Bachelor’s program is to transition students with a bachelor’s degree into a cybersecurity career when they graduate after 12 months,” said ECPI University’s Dean of Computer & Information Science, Dr. Keith Morneau. “Graduates of our program come from all walks of life. It could be a preschool teacher, recent college graduate, or a food truck owner – all examples of real-life graduates – who go on to become Cybersecurity Specialists.”

Students take a six-credit class each five-week term for 10 terms, which is one year, on Monday through Thursday evenings.

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