University Partnership Team Hosts Spring Appreciation Events

ECPI University held its first University Partnership Open Houses on April 28, 2022. Select campuses participated in the inaugural event, which doubled as an appreciation and networking opportunity for guests.

ECPI University Greensboro hosted nearly 25 employers at their open house, which had an early Cinco de Mayo theme, held in the campus’ bio lab. Guests enjoyed a taco bar and margarita “mocktails”, prepared by Bartender Brian Finch (from Career Services), while mingling with each other.

The theme of the event could have easily been “It’s just so nice to be out again,” which was the overwhelming sentiment from all who attended!

“The employers enjoyed networking with each other, and the casualness of the event itself, since many of our employers have not been to our campus since 2019. They enjoyed the campus tours and seeing the improvements we’ve made during the pandemic,” says Pamela McMillan, Development Manager for University Partnerships. “We even saw competitors networking with each other. They have so many shared challenges they’ve faced the last two years, and it was nice for them to be able to be in the same room and connect.”

What was the most popular thing to do besides network? Visit the labs, of course. These are always a must-see feature – especially the mechatronics and nursing classrooms. But it was a PN student who stole the show by popping in to assist in a hands-on demonstration of the Anatomage table.

“The open house really served as an appreciation to our employers. Many of them either utilize our employer benefits, host our students, or hire our graduates. We’re grateful for their ongoing support of ECPI University,” says Greensboro Campus President Connie Jakubcin. “We’re looking forward to hosting another event like this one in the fall. It’s just a really nice way to say thank you.”

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