Focus on Faculty

Name: David Breeding

Title/Department/Campus: Associate Dean of Computer and Information Science

Education: Master of Science, Information Systems

Joined ECPI University: 11/21/2016

Most Rewarding Experience During this Period of Remote Learning:

Starting a new bachelor-to-bachelor program with some truly exceptional students. All the students are driven and excited about the program. Getting a second bachelor’s degree in CIS in only 12 months really appeals to them.

What have you been doing during this time to keep up your spirits?

Taking walks through our neighborhood and catching up on projects I’ve never had enough time for, and video chatting with my children who are also in quarantine.

What is the most surprising thing that has happened during the lockdown?

I have found new ways of getting things done, working around issues, and getting problems solved has been surprisingly challenging and rewarding.

What has inspired you lately?

I had a student who was having problems with his internet from home, so he attended class using the wi-fi at a grocery store yesterday. He stayed all the way through class and was able to participate in all class activities.

Favorite Food During Isolation:

We’ve had several “mystery meals” where we’ll find something in the freezer that can’t be identified, maybe wrapped in brown paper. The rule is whatever you pull out, you need to put into a meal for everyone in the family. I guess it helps to have some great cooks in the family.

Musical Artist that Soothes Your Soul:

The acapella group Pentatonix.

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