EPP Student Spotlight: Criminal Justice Student Nichole Frey

Criminal Justice Student Nichole Frey

Current Position: Sergeant at Hampton Roads Regional Jail

Motivation to Earn Degree:
I was already working in the criminal justice field and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was inspired to concentrate on Digital Forensics after attending the Virginia Association of Regional Jails Conference and listening to a presentation given by the FBI’s cybersecurity department.

Career Objective:
My goal is to continue advancing through the ranks and retire from the jail before starting something new. Then, I want to work for DOJ or the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, investigating online human trafficking. The thing that I love most about ECPI University’s Criminal Justice Degree Program is that the professors have actually worked in the field.

Why ECPI University?

ECPI University is amazing. The flexibility it offers allows me to manage my full-time job and family time, while juggling an education. The partnership my employer has with ECPI has helped alleviate some of the financial burden. The instructors show that they care. They invest time and effort to assist their students in any way they can. Trish Alomar helped me get started and within 24 hours I was a student again! I have even referred some of my subordinates that are glad they made that leap too! I did it and you can too!

Advice for Prospective Students:

I saw a meme a while back that said, “There is no elevator to success, take the stairs.”

Editor’s Note:

Nichole’s employer participates in ECPI University’s Enterprise Partnership Program (EPP). The EPP was designed to assist employers in providing employee growth opportunities through hands-on, skills-based education. This program extends scholarships to eligible employees and their immediate family (spouse and children), which lowers the cost of education.

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