ECPI University Roanoke Campus Practical Nursing Graduate Beats the Odds

Take a moment to get to know Lynn Lamonde, and you’ll soon discover she is not intimidated by long odds. For her, most every challenge is just another problem to solve. Raised in a foster home with three other children, she married right after high school and less than ten years later was a mother to five children. That alone, would make going to school fulltime in the practical nursing program a bit daunting.

But wait, there’s more. Lynn also has a fulltime job, and last year, while driving home from work in the rain, her car hydroplaned at 50 mph and she crashed into a creek. With significant injuries and a fairly long recovery time, it should have delayed her planned graduation. For most people, that would likely be the case. However, Lynn Lamonde is not like most people.

After working a job that was just that – a job – for so many years, Lynn was not about to be deterred. She was ready for a profession – a career as a nurse. “If you believe in what you’re doing, you do whatever it takes to reach your goal,” says Lynne. “My husband took over the household and allowed me to double my shifts so I could finish my clinical rotations. There were times when I was about to pass out from exhaustion, and he was always there to give me encouragement.”

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From the outset, Lynn excelled at her studies, making consistently high grades and serving on the Student Leadership Council. “Lynn was an excellent student who was very proactive in her approach to her education,” says faculty member Dr. Lora Padgett. “She came to class always prepared and completed many assignments even before they were due so she could fit her school work into her schedule.”

Following her accident, Lynn received plenty of extra help on campus, but says she had always been impressed with the level of support offered at ECPI University. “The personal attention I received was incredible,” she says. “Ms. Borling knows how to teach so you can understand. And if you don’t, she was always there to tutor. She saw my potential. She made me a better student.”

Now in her final five-week term, Lynn has two job offers and is more than ready to begin her career…and she has some big plans. Next up, she wants to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and eventually, become a nurse anesthetist. Like any driven person, Lynn is optimistic about her future, but will never forget where she came from. “No matter where I go or what I accomplish, ECPI University kick-started everything for me.”

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