Focus on Faculty

Name: Aaron Platek

Title/Department/Campus: Adjunct Instructor/Cyber Security/Virginia Beach

Education: Master’s in Cyber Security Operations

Joined ECPI University: August 2012

What did you do prior to ECPI University?

When I turned 18 in 2004, I started working in underground utilities (construction) around the Hampton Roads area. When I turned 19, I began travelling to various power plants around the world. I did a ton of jobs all over the United States, Dominican Republic, France, and many other countries.

Most Rewarding Professional Experience:

When I was able to change careers from a physically demanding construction job to using my mind in technology. With the help of ECPI University, I was taught the fundamentals of IT. Being around the culture of individuals that are in the field has made a tremendous impact on my professional experience. Growth only comes when you surround yourself with individuals who inspire you. The great cast that I surround myself with and look up to is Scott Gibson, Zec Allison, David Caparaz, and Joel Platek as I continue my professional growth.

Most Rewarding Personal Experience:

Being able to travel around to the different countries at a young age was a great experience. Being able to see and learn from different cultures changes one’s individual life.

Greatest Accomplishment:

It is always interesting when I have to answer this question because it seems to change throughout my life. As of now, I would say that my greatest accomplishment would be completing my master’s degree. I never planned on going to college, let alone get an advanced degree.

Favorite Book:

My favorite book is “Ghost in a Wire,” which was recommended by my brother.  I had just started to think of transitioning into the Cyber world, so he wanted to give me a taste of what I was getting into. Some of it made no sense at the time, but it stimulated my interest into a field I never knew anything about.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

I would have to say my biggest pet peeve is clutter. My desk at work has to have everything in its place. I am the same way at home. Everything in my condo has a place and should be put back in its place. I am a bit of a clean freak and like knowing that when I look for an item that it is in the place it is supposed to be in.


This is a hard one because I do not really have anything in particular that I do on a day-to-day basis but I enjoy doing everything. I will try anything and go do anything as long as it is with a fun crowd. At home, I mess around with my technology devices, and I also play some video games. I like creating videos from the photos/videos that I take.

Favorite Food:

Everyone who knows me will tell you that it is spaghetti. I can eat spaghetti every day and never get tired of it. It’s the only food that I can eat both hot and cold. Also, it is one of the only foods I like as a leftover.

My Most Treasured Possession:

My most treasured possession is being able to enjoy each day. There was a time in my life when I just went day to day and was in a bad state of mind. One day, I was in a hotel room in France. I picked my head up from a rough day at work, looked out my window and saw a mountain and could hear the birds chirping. I stood up and just stared out the window for about ten minutes, enjoying the view and what was going on outside. From that day forward, I knew I would treasure every moment of my life and who I spent my time with.

A Talent I Wish I Had:

The one talent I wish I had is the ability to write better. One of the biggest issues I have found out about myself is I write exactly how I feel and what I am thinking about to individuals and in emails. It has been a process to learn how to write my emails and documents politically correct. I have tried to start learning to have a little more sympathy and to just use the political “office terms.” I am a straightforward individual; what you see is what you get.

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