Serving on the Pandemic’s Front Lines

ECPI University Students and Graduates Saving Lives, Serving their Communities

It wasn’t a matter of if there might be a worldwide pandemic; it was a matter of when. Countries, communities, and organizations that were prepared are faring better than others. Yet, no amount of preparation is effective without qualified professionals to carry out the plan. 

No doubt, systems have been strained and many outcomes have been tragic. Still, the loss has been mitigated by people who possess certain skills. Among educational institutions, ECPI University has stood out, using its vast simulation and virtual resources to allow students to continue their studies. That’s important because ECPI is focused on producing the kind of professionals that are now so desperately needed. Besides health professionals, there are many others who are part of this collective effort. They include those who work in cybersecurity, manufacturing, criminal justice, and logistics. 

This edition of eConnect features a range of stories about these special people. For them, the notion of service is instinctual. It’s part of who they are. The faculty and staff of ECPI University is proud to have played their part in helping them develop into highly-valued, essential members of communities across the nation.

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