Student Clubs Use Remote Technology to Stay Engaged During Pandemic

Clubs have been an integral part of ECPI University’s culture for many years. Students are able to come together to share common interests in a fun and enriching environment. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most clubs were campus-specific. Now, bringing students together on campus is no longer possible. Yet, in its new remote environment, members have an opportunity to take their clubs into the future and share interests together across the university.

With all the tools at the University’s disposal, faculty and students are using this new space to create an inclusive, fun, and rewarding experience. Currently, a variety of clubs, including The Players Club (gaming), Research and Development, Table Top Gaming, Cyber, Criminal Justice, Robotics, and Business clubs, have begun meeting in a remote space. There is a team under Microsoft Teams called ECPI Clubs with contact information for all club advisors. 

Associate Dean Gerry White engages student avatars during a meeting of the Research & Development Club

What’s more, there are still opportunities to bring more clubs online, and the University looks forward to having more students participating and enjoying what these great student organizations have to offer. For more information, please contact Associate Dean Gerry White at

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