Virginia Beach Cybersecurity Graduate Develops App to Bring Financial Advice to Low and Middle Income

When most people think about financial advisors, they envision stock brokers in pinstripe suits making trades for the wealthy and well-heeled. Not Ronda Reid-Mohammed. A Cybersecurity graduate from the Virginia Beach campus with a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership, she thought that working-class people deserved the same solid financial advice that wealthier people enjoy. So, she used her education to create a new app to do just that.

Now as Founder and CEO of Filance, Ronda, helps connect certified financial service professionals directly with low and middle-income individuals and families through a platform that allows users to receive financial advisory services from their mobile device. “I created the Filance App to enhance financial stability among everyday people,” she says. “I want to reach people who might have believed that a financial advisor was out of their reach, either due to cost or lack of access.

“Everyone should be able to work with a professional who can help them make a plan for their finances. Many people are already burdened with embarrassment when admitting they need financial advice, so it was significantly important for me to remove the cost barrier and provide a personalized and discreet service.”

The Filance App offers a simple interface that is easy for both the customer and provider to use, featuring voice and video chat for individualized sessions. What’s more, it also has a built-in bidding system, so clients can select the best advisor for their budget, and only pay for the services they need.

“We have a wealth problem in this country,” Ronda said. “I wanted to use my technology expertise and background to create a platform that could help improve the financial lives of everyday people. I believe if everyday people have access to more resources like financial advisors and planners, we could level the playing field a little and begin to close the wealth gap through that access.” For more information, visit

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