Focus on Faculty

Name: Tim Hampton (Tham) 

Title/Department/Campus: Biology Instructor / General Education / Columbia 

Education: BS/Biology/Wofford College, MSPH / Environmental Toxicology / University of South Carolina School of Public Health, MS / Microbiology / Georgia State University 

Joined ECPI University: January 2019 

Most Rewarding Experience During this Period of Remote Learning: Having students tell me that they are also enjoying the class, the attention, and they feel fortunate they have someone who is dedicated to teaching them their gateway class to their nursing career.  

What have you been doing during this time to keep up your spirits? Every day I get up and tell myself to control the things that I can control. I cannot control the current health issues, but I can control the quality of the lectures I bring to my students every day. Lecturing from my home office, I am able to have several current sources of Anatomy and Physiology topics open on all my computer desktops, so I can add a lot more facts and stories to my lectures to help students retain the material they are learning in such a short period of time versus lecturing from the podium.  

What is the most surprising thing that has happened during the lockdown?   

My bonding to my students. We all feel we are going through this ordeal together and what we start with each day is each other, and what each individual has to offer the class in terms of their previous education and job experiences. We also have great class subjects to focus on during this time that I can directly relate to their upcoming careers in nursing.  

What has inspired you lately? 

The ways we have adapted and not missed an educational beat during this unusual time. From our Administration and Dr. Erica Jones-Foster to Campus President Jim Rund to Dean of Academic Affairs Mike Zakkary, and Director of Nursing, Adrian Stauffer, one of my mentors Clay Goodwin and Dr. So, who all continue to give / supply experienced guidance to me so I can focus on delivering the best lectures and labs that I am capable of in all these very distracting times. In 30 years of work, ECPI University has been a place that gets the job done, where faculty and staff know there are going to be distractions and they endeavor to solve the issues we encounter every day.  

Favorite Food During Isolation: Homemade Thai food 

Musical Artist that Soothes Your Soul: Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits  

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