Business and Criminal Justice Faculty: Dr. Karl Michel

Business and Criminal Justice Faculty: Dr. Karl Michel

Business and Criminal Justice Faculty, Virginia Beach Campus

A Commissioned Naval Officer with 20 years of military service, Dr. Michel is known for his technical expertise in matters of law enforcement, physical security, and corrections. He has planned, organized, and supervised physical security programs aboard ships and on shore, and established and maintained access and egress systems for the detection/prevention of sabotage and theft. He has also supervised and directed law enforcement programs to include aggressive contraband control initiatives and operation of brigs afloat naval vessels, as well as having served as an Antiterrorism Officer at sea, ashore, and on senior naval staff.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

“I enjoy teaching because it is simultaneously challenging and rewarding on countless levels. Teachers are more than just educators; this profession is comprised of a myriad of roles and responsibilities such as mentor, counselor, motivator, and manager (of humans, time, and resources).

“I enjoy taking words from a piece of paper and bringing them to life through critical thinking and discussions. Humans are complex systems and we must consider multiple factors when communicating information with one another. As a faculty member, I enjoy the challenge, in that every day I must consider and be prepared for the unpredictable while concurrently planning and delivering new theories, concepts, and principles. Teaching is a service to others; and I consider it an honor to serve others.”

Please share an experience you had as a teacher that was especially memorable.

“As a teacher, an experience I had that was memorable was when I received an email from a previous student expressing gratitude for the information communicated in a course that I had the privilege in teaching. This was a memorable moment because the student was a veteran and was experiencing external factors competing with time required to successfully complete the course. Despite adversity, the student persevered and successfully passed the course with an A. The student noted in the email that he applied the principles acquired in my classroom at his place of employment and received a promotion (doubled his pay and now a manager).”