Teamwork is a Skill: A Message from ECPI University President

University President Speaks to Military Focus at ECPI University

Look at most any resume or cover letter and you’ll likely see the words “team player.” Much is said about the importance of teamwork, but it’s not a trait we are born with. It’s not something that comes to us intuitively. It is something that is learned. At ECPI University, our programs are designed to give each student an opportunity to acquire these skills and improve upon them during their time on campus.

In this edition of eConnect, you will see numerous examples of teamwork in action. You’ll read about Cybersecurity students advancing to the finals in a major collegiate competition, and honor society students helping others in need and earning national recognition. Finally, we take a look at our interdisciplinary approach to hands-on learning and how it promotes not only teamwork, but gives students a better understanding of their roles within integrated systems.

At ECPI University, teamwork is not just a word to be used on a resume. It’s a belief system that permeates our culture and is carried on by our graduates to the workplace.


Mark Dreyfus