Military Spotlight: Online Education Opens Door to Officer Candidate School

Military Spotlight: Online Education Opens Door to Officer Candidate School

My experience at ECPI University was absolutely outstanding. Not only was I able to get the technical degree online that I wanted but I did so while still performing my duties as an Alaska Air National Guardsman. I would report to my unit for duty and at night and on the weekends, I would do my coursework. This flexible solution allowed me to balance family life, work, and school without compromising any of them.

In December of 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology which allowed me to seek a commissioning opportunity. So after 13 years of service as an enlisted man, I was able to become an officer. With my degree I was able to transition from being a technically knowledgeable operator into being a leader of my peers and, of course, there is the added benefit of better pay and retirement.

Every professor I came into contact with made a clear effort to each student to ensure full comprehension of the material and objectives. At no time did I feel that I was left behind. There was always a fellow student or instructor to lend an ear or offer assistance no matter what the hurdle was.

ECPI University also uses an online textbook application that allows students to access the applicable text book, read it, search, and print pages. This option is great for somebody who has no want or need to purchase the hardcopy version of the books. ECPI also gave me access to a discount for testing and certification purposes, which meant that I could earn certifications while working on the material I was studying. This is an invaluable benefit for someone who works in IT or Cybersecurity.

My experience with ECPI University was so rewarding and enjoyable that not only have I volunteered to become a mentor to prospective students, but I have also recently been offered the opportunity to return as a graduate student to seek a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity. I cannot wait to return to ECPI, not only as an alumnus but as a grad student, which is pretty amazing for somebody who at one time never would have thought he would even go to college.

A tremendous Thank You goes out to the professional men and women of ECPI University!  See you soon!

Lee W. Dockery, 2 Lt, AKANG
DOC Crew Commander
213th Space Warning Squadron
Clear Air Force Station, Alaska