Why Volunteer?: ECPI University Faculty Responds

Why Volunteer?: ECPI University Faculty Responds

rund“Community volunteerism is a powerful tool to foster social connections and provide the opportunity to cultivate empathy. Intellectual growth and emotional development must go hand-in-hand. Volunteering promotes relational behavior. This helps shape a stronger student body while enhancing the community and its connection to the university. Volunteerism has the impact of making a better community, a better university and a better person.”

~James Rund, Columbia Campus President

ron-neil“I believe that students love the opportunity to help others, especially when it involves their respective program. Sharing their knowledge with others and helping people perfectly coincides with what students inherently wish to do and that is to help others. ECPI University fosters this type of environment and gives students, faculty, and staff opportunities to help others in the community in many ways.”

~Ronald Neil, Charleston Campus Director of Academic Affairs

gloria-hicks“Our campus is involved in so many ongoing community activities. We have blood drives three times a year, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Gift of Life, NC Adopt-A-Highway Program, Kramden Institute – where we help repair computers for disadvantaged children in our community, Toys for Tots, and Calling All Angels during the holidays. Students who are involved in these kind of activities have greater retention and graduation rates, maintain better GPAs, and are more motivated and engaged in the classroom. Community events such as these help our students connect to their community as well as to their university.”

~Gloria Hicks, Raleigh Campus Director of Student Affairs

vicki-brett“Motivation is probably the most important factor that educators can target in order to improve learning. One thing we already know about our students is that they are motivated to help others. This is why they are pursuing healthcare programs. I believe interaction with seasoned healthcare professionals needs to be targeted as early as possible so the student feels a part of something greater. Volunteering at community events is the number one way to meet this need.  Motivation is optimized when a student is working as a team with other healthcare professionals and making a difference. A sense of pride and accomplishment will keep them engaged and excited about the goals they have set for themselves.”

~Vicki Brett, Newport News Campus Dental Assisting Program Director

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