Keys to Success: Tips from ECPI University Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Words of Wisdom from ECPI University Graduates

Words of Wisdom from the Columbia Campus

 “Every teacher I’ve ever had gave me good advice, and I’ve always listened to them. As a middle-aged adult, ECPI University has been one of my top priorities, in addition to my family.  At the end of the day, I know what it’s going to mean for me and my family once I graduate.” 

~Travis Batchler, Voted Student of the Quarter

“Communication with faculty is vital for success. I say communication always, because it’s showing responsibility and showing that you care.”

~ Veronica Frierson, Medical Assistant Program Faculty Member

“If you want to be successful, use all of your resources.  ECPI University’s staff is extraordinary. They want you to succeed. They have given me encouragement, guidance, and access to unlimited knowledge. Thank you for helping me succeed!” 

~Vanessa Crawford, Network and Cyber Security Graduate