ECPI University Students Learn Through Hands-On Instruction

ECPI University Students Learn Through Hands-On Instruction

Charlotte Campus – Electronics Engineering Technology students make flip lights by installing an LED, battery, and tilt sensor to the lid of a glass jar, creating a light that simply has to be flipped over to turn on.

Greenville Campus – Recent Mechatronics graduate Juan Londono is seen here with a machine he built and programmed that uses a vacuum to pick up boxes, inspect them for proper coverings, then moves them on a conveyor belt. He also incorporated safety devices so it would stop if someone put their hands near the machine. Following graduation, Juan accepted a position as a project manager for REA JET US.

Richmond/Moorefield Campus – Student Nathaniel Weeks shows off his project – a customized DJ carry case, pre-wired for quick setup, teardown, and professional appearance. His Engineering Economics class challenges students to take their engineering technology ideas and apply a business model to test for commercial viability.

Richmond/Moorefield CampusElectronics Engineering Technology students make their own function generator and create square waves (also known as “clock signals”) using the common 555 chip.

Roanoke Campus – Nursing students prepare to dissect a sheep brain.

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