College Call of Duty Warzone Season

The ECPI Rams entered the first ever official College Call of Duty Warzone Season! Warzone has always been a competitive game, but it lacked a ranked system or even a place to compete. This was the first time ever that North America saw true collegiate competition. The Rams went up against the best the college scene had to offer, even going up against Warzone professionals that make money playing the game daily.

The season was comprised of 7 qualifiers that cumulated in a final playoff event. During each qualifier 50 teams were scored based off total eliminations and placement multipliers. For instance, 1st place was a 2x Multiplier and with 20 eliminations your score would be 40 points. Each Qualifier consisted of 5 matches and at the end of those 5 matches total points were added up and that was how the CCL determined placement during each qualifier. The teams that finished 1st in any given qualifier were automatically invited to the playoffs. That meant that there were 7 out of 50 spots taken for Playoffs and all other spots were based off total placement points.

The Rams played in all 7 qualifiers and successfully secured a playoff spot. Each week they improved and learned how to play as a more efficient squad. On average in the CCL playoff event the Rams had 20 eliminations a match and placed in the top 3 teams each game they played! This was an excellent showing for the ECPI Rams and we cannot wait to compete in the next Warzone competition!

League of Legends and Modern Warfare 2 teams scheduled to compete in Spring Season.

Collegiate Rocket League

The ECPI Rams entered into National Association for Collegiate Esports’ (NACE) Varsity Plus division for the Fall Season. The competition in our division was intense, and we went in knowing we were facing some of the best Collegiate Rocket League teams in the country. The Rams RL team was made up of some extremely talented individuals that came together 1 month before competition started. Our average rank in rocket League was Champion 2-3, whereas most of our opponents averaged a rank of Grand Champion 1-2. Our players’ ranks were not indicative of their skill, as they constantly faced higher ranked opponents in scrimmages and matches, oftentimes coming out on top.

Every single match was extremely back and forth. The Rams never failed to score goals on their opponents and most games came down to a single goal differential.

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