Librarian Interview Highlights E-Learning Across ECPI University Campuses

Librarian Interview Highlights E-Learning Across ECPI University Campuses

Meet E-Learning Librarian Kristina Ryan

What do you like about your new position?

I’m excited to create content that will help students and faculty better understand the fantastic library resources available to them. I’m also able to provide live instruction via Zoom to classes online, on campus, or in the Master’s programs.

The video tutorials look they would be fun to make.  What is your experience? Goals to achieve with videos?

When I started making videos near the end of 2016, I watched several training courses available through ECPI University’s subscription on video creation and the software I use (Camtasia). My goal with each video is to address one specific question or issue students may have, and make sure I provide a complete answer. I try to make the videos short and visually interesting to keep viewers engaged.

What would you like students to get out of the tutorial videos?

I want to make sure that the online students have the benefit of at least some instruction on using library resources. In-seat students have access to a librarian and in-person instruction, but students without a campus library don’t have the same advantage. These videos will hopefully make all ECPI University students aware of what’s available to them.

Fun fact about Kristina?

I’ve been to Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands.

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