Northern Virginia Campus – Students from across six campuses traveled to the Northern Virginia campus for a long weekend of intensive hands-on lab work. They are all enrolled in the Bachelor’s to BS in Cybersecurity, an accelerated year-long program that allows people who already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline to earn a second Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity.

Because the COVID pandemic has restricted access to campus for much of the past year, it was essential for these students to make up for lost time. Throughout the three-day period, everyone maintained social distancing protocols, including wearing masks, as they went through a comprehensive series of tasks centered on a major real-life scenario.

Their challenge: Three doctors’ offices have decided to merge together into a single working group. These offices have been cited with HIPAA code violations that, unless corrected, will cost the practices more than $500,000 is fines. Turn-around time is very short as the HIPAA auditor is visiting the locations next week. The doctors have contracted their team to correct the failed network and set security measures in place so they can pass their HIPAA audit.

“These students really rose to the challenge,” says ECPI University Dean of Computer and Information Science Dr. Keith Morneau. “It was an intense weekend, but we have been operating in unprecedented times, and I could not be more proud of our department’s academic team and how the students performed.”

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