Mechatronics Graduate Brett Bloomberg Finds Success at ECPI University

Mechatronics Graduate Brett Bloomberg Finds Success at ECPI University

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I was in a dead end job that wasn’t going anywhere, so I enrolled at ECPI University. I wasn’t able to be a full time student, but I was able to attend online, taking one class at a time. Working a full time job and going to school was hard, but it was something I wanted to do and I wanted to have a good future for myself.

I chose ECPI University because it has one of the best mechatronics programs currently being offered. Everyone at ECPI is geared up every single day and wants to see each student succeed and graduate. The professors are knowledgeable and understand that you are working, so they give you enough time to complete your assignments. One teacher that has been a huge role model for me is Mr. Chris Call. He has gone above and beyond what most people might expect. He pushed me through my harder courses and gave me the confidence to handle the stress of the more advanced classes. ECPI University is a school that gives you the best chance to maintain your everyday life duties as well as further your education.

ECPI University has exceeded what I thought I could get out of a college. I never imagined the doors that have been opened to me once I graduated. Rae Sewell was my career advisor and she took me through every step to find a position I was happy with and find my passion in work. She allowed me to wake up and be happy with the work I do. With her help, I was able to find a job with Baxter Medical Solutions, maintaining automated systems in its warehouse, such as cranes, conveyor belts, and laser-guided vehicles.

ECPI University was a life-changing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for any other school. I would absolutely recommend ECPI’s online programs to anybody looking to advance their career and education. I am proud I made my decision to go to ECPI University and I am proud that I pushed through with the support of my family, friends, and professors.