Richmond/Moorefield Business Grad, Retired Marine Launches New Venture

Sam King

Like many departing service members, Sam King was at a crossroads. Retiring from the Marine Corps in 2005, he had to figure out what he wanted to do as a civilian. Initially, he went to work for a large distribution network and import center. At first, things were moving along quite well. He moved into a leadership role, but soon found his progress stalling because he lacked a degree.

What Sam needed was foundational business skills, knowledge he could apply in an actual work setting. He found it at ECPI University. He used the work ethic he developed as a Marine, and jumped right in. Despite working more than 50 hours a week, Sam managed to maintain a full class schedule. Moreover, he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a 3.93 GPA.

“I was able to tailor my degree to gain the information I needed to complete my business understanding,” says Sam. “The faculty and staff really create an environment on campus that is so conducive to learning and enabled me to broaden my skill sets.”

Recently, Sam’s employer selected him to launch a commercial driver’s license (CDL) academy, managing every aspect of the operation from the ground up. “I was given the autonomy to run it as I felt it needed to be managed,” he says. “I approached this venture by methodically implementing the technical processes used in project management and general business practices. I am very pleased with the results and could not have been as prepared had I not made the choice to attend ECPI University.

“I chose ECPI University to fill the knowledge gaps in my professional career which is now allowing me to be as successful as I knew I could be. It gave me the motivation to chisel out the path I needed to be successful and enjoy a rewarding experience. I was able to excel professionally and intend to continue my education based on this overwhelming experience.”