ECPI University Greensboro Students Hold Cultural Festival to Celebrate Ethnic Diversity

ECPI Diversity Club

ECPI Diversity ClubThis articles was contributed by Vanessa Wilson, Practical Nursing Student

ECPI University of Greensboro is a myriad of cultures and peoples from every part of the world. Students from near and far come to ECPI University in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

Recently, they were fortunate to celebrate the ethnic diversity of the campus through the first tri-annual Cultural Festival. This cultural exchange was one of the largest events of its kind held on campus and featured more than 30 different cultures selling their native foods, crafts, and playing ethnic music and dances.

The aroma of spiced tea lingered in the corridors of the building to welcome guests to the festival, which was offered to them free of charge. Many cultures and traditions feature the social practice of offering free drinks to guests as a gesture of hospitality. It is often said that food is at the center of culture and society. In fact, there is no cultural group or individual for whom at least one specific food – the memory, taste, or smell of which – does not evoke the pang of loving nostalgia.

At the heart of the festival was the ethnic dishes that had been carefully prepared to replicate the flavors of each country. Amongst these dishes was East Indian vegetable curry, Korean spicy fried rice and sweet French crepes. Home-style favorites, such as Mid-Western Chili and lemon pound cake, added a familiar flare of Americana to the festivities. The club wishes to thank Network Security Student Bambi Rivas for an amazing job at planning, organizing, and managing almost every aspect of the event!

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